About Us

 The PC M.D. is a locally-owned and operated computer repair business,  with a focus on delivering the best customer service possible throughout the Prescott Arizona quad city area.

     "I spent several years working at all levels in computer  desktop support for large companies as well as many years in the retail  & service industry. After seeing first-hand how customer service  was failing in many industries, I decided to do something about it.  Thus, The PC M.D. was started.

      The mission statement of this company is simple: provide the best  quality customer service available, speak without GEEK talk and educate  the customer. As I continue to grow this company into other related  areas, I promise to not lose sight of this original vision. Each and  every customer truly is the most important. Our technicians come to you  making it convenient and easy to get your computer fixed. We schedule a  set appointment and arrive on time - no waiting all day for a tech to  arrive between 8-5."   

So many of my clients are aging and find it difficult to keep us with the fast changing technology. I take my time and slow things down to be sure you understand your computer before I leave your home. 

"Jody is an excellent computer specialist. When I have a new system to install, a computer glitch or just a quick question, Jody is my answer. She is knowledgeable, up to date with the latest information, efficient and extremely customer service driven." Jinger Cutting –The Cutting Edge Team Realty

I look forward to helping you too!